Why do GM dealers love the Performance Solution?

The first of a series of videos around the Performance Solution, learn how SEO has changed for GM dealers over the last year…

The first of a series of videos around the Performance Solution, The Proof is in the Performance outlines the major elements of the Performance Solution and showcases the noticeable improvements in organic SEO rankings enjoyed by all Performance Solution dealers.

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The second video showcases dealers’ success as told by their ProCare support teams. The video features enhancements like the new inventory pages that have seen 170% increase in vehicle image views and leads submitted.

The personalized consumer experience has been great for our website guests. It offers a faster, focused search and creates a better experience that keeps guests on the site longer. We are seeing an uptick in leads since the launch of this tool.
Dan DowkerShaheen Chevrolet (June 2014)
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Want more proof?

We’ve studied dealers’ website performance over the last year and seen remarkable increases in VIN views, SEO organic growth, number of phone calls dealers are receiving and much more. Read the proof statements below to learn more:

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A snapshot of KPIs for Performance Solution and Base Solution dealers, measured before and again after the launch of the Performance Solution.

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Learn how an ISM increased internet closing ratios by 2.5x in just 7 months using the Performance Solution.

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*87% of GM dealers chose the Performance Solution (as of Q2, 2014).
*76% of GM dealers use their Digital Marketing Package website as their primary website (as of Q2, 2014).
*Performance Solution dealers saw 2.5x more organic SEO growth than Base Solution dealers (as of Q1, 2014).

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