Personalized Consumer Experiences

The most unique program in the industry just raised the bar. Again.

If no two shoppers are the same, no two website experiences should be the same. Personalization technology empowers your dealership to engage every shopper on your site as an audience of one. Your website analyzes your visitor’s prior behavior in real time & greets each individual visitor with a uniquely personalized digital showroom that has been proven to turn browsers into buyers.

New Make/Model Experiences

Performance Solution dealers were the first to receive Personalization back in June 2013 – an industry first tool that personalizes your website’s content to your audience’s interests.

How does it work?

The New Make/Model Experiences tracks a new car shopper’s behavior across GM’s network and third party automotive sites and then customizes the content & messaging of your website to match their interest in real time. Your Performance Solution website delivers thousands of personalized experiences each day to intentful shoppers in the same manner as Spotify, Netflix or Amazon.


Conquesting/Personalized Recommendations

A brand new experience added for Performance Solution dealers, Personalized Recommendations can help manage your online shoppers’ experiences the same way you help guide customers on your lot. Your website dynamically serves up the images, messaging & offers that can showcase the comparable models that you want to move & will entice cross shoppers to switch to your brand.

Tackle these tough dealership dilemmas with Personalized Recommendations:

  • A shopper is looking at a competitive brand
  • I have too much of a model
  • I do not have enough of a model in inventory

Personalized Recommendations

Personalized Consumer Experiences are built using proprietary, patented technology. It is a first in automotive and is currently only available network-wide to GM dealers on the Performance Solution.

Model Landing Pages

Model Landing Pages have arrived just in time to support this summer’s most important vehicle launches, the 2015 Silverado, Sierra and ATS.

What You Get

  • View inventory, colors, features and trim levels
  • Extensive photo galleries
  • Integrated incentives and dealer specials

Dealer Benefits

  • Drives customer engagement on your website
  • Rich SEO for each make/model on your website
  • Automatically updates your website with latest make/model

silverado-phone-ipadNearly 50% of mobile auto users look to make a purchase within a day.
xAd/Telmetrics Mobile Path to Purchase Study 2012

Mobile and Tablet

Today’s consumers are connected, even when they are watching TV or on-the-go, which means you need an optimized experience for all device types.

What You Get

  • A single URL for all shoppers across any device
  • Click-to-call for Sales and Service
  • Inventory details, pricing, and specials automatically configured
  • Touch screen for minimal typing
  • A seamless look and feel that includes your dealership logo, website colors and more

Learn How Mobile & Tablet Users are Different

Integrated Incentives

National advertising creates the inspiration and it’s important that your website reflects the brand-sponsored promotion. Integrated incentives deliver the national promotions on your website through:

  • OEM sponsored slides on your Hero Rotator widget
  • Current vehicle, service & parts incentives featured in the CIC cell
  • A Current Offers page with OEM-driven vehicle specials
  • A Certified Service page with OEM-driven service, parts and accessories specials

To fully optimize your website and create a seamless consumer experience between the national incentives and your online inventory, speak to your ProCare Advocate about leveraging the Specials 2.0 functionality.

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