Responsive Sites

Responsive Websites Let You Cast a Wider Net
Did you know in 2016, more than half of all web traffic originates from tablets and smartphones?

If you want to reach as many buyers as possible – it needs to be responsive.

  • A Responsive Website is Future-Proofed
  • Improves Your Users' Experience
  • Improved Mobile SEO

Google’s Preference:
Responsive design is Google’s recommended design pattern

GMC Acadia

Promo Pop

Often traditional overlay promotions on dealer sites are generic offers pushed to all shoppers, for all models, and often ultimately blocked by pop up blockers.

With Promo Pop, personalized consumer experiences will target promotions specific to the shopper’s model of interest.  The feature integrates with the your GM site so that promotions render even with pop-up blockers enabled, and feature offers you define (i.e. cash on the hood, oil changes or car washes for life).

Promo Pop metrics are detailed in Dealer Command Center, and will display promotions delivered and leads coming specifically from Promo Pop.

Chevy Blog

Pic to Vid

Inventory Pic-to-Video showcases your actual vehicle photos, applies a human voiceover and animated graphical overlays and creates a custom interactive ‘walk around’ video experience for each of the vehicles on your lot. Your dealership price and key vehicle statics are also included.


360 Spin

360 Spins are walk around style tours, allowing customers to interact and control  a 360 degree view of interior and exterior of the vehicle they are shopping for. These are specific to the model and trim of the vehicle. 360 Spins are featured on Vehicle Detail pages.


Grow your business by engaging new and existing customers with a blog on your GM Performance website. Including a blog in your digital marketing strategy helps you build a stronger brand while attracting new customers. Relevant, keyword-rich posts can also support your overall organic SEO strategy.

  • Integrated on your GM Digital Marketing Package website– no need to create or manage a separate site
  • Convenient posting and editing in Dealer Command Center
  • Rich text formatting for eye-pleasing layouts
  • Simple image uploading to enhance each post
  • Keyword-rich blog post URLs and automatic submission to search engines
Preview Toolbar

Flexible Website Designs

GM Flexible Website Designs are the foundation of the Performance Solution and include the same great GM integrations, automatic updates for every sales event and vehicle launch, and marketing alignment across service, parts and sales that you count on.

Take ownership of your online storefront and learn how easy it is to make updates to your website.

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Flex Website

Flex Websites provide unmatched flexibility, control and results! True drag-and-drop capabilities allow dealers to leverage a wide variety of design elements to change their website in real-time. A powerful and growing widget library makes it easy to add functionality and...

My new Flexible Website looks cutting-edge and there are some really slick things on it, it exceeded my expectations.
Paul CrippsAitken Chevrolet (April 2013)

New ways to customize your website:

  • Contextual Search – keyword search options that drive shoppers to a vehicle search results page with matching data
  • 6 new Vehicle Details Page Layouts
  • Add website content to your mobile experience
  • Drag and drop page builder
  • Growing Widget library
  • Customizable mastheads
  • Dealer uploaded backgrounds
  • Color and button options
  • Easily add custom vehicle images using Inventory Manager

New tools to drive shopper engagement:

  • Vehicle Compare allows customers to ‘pin’ one vehicle to the top of the stack or compare multiple vehicles at a glance
  • Multi-screen strategy – your website content at shopper’s fingertips any time, any device
  • Vehicle Search Results page with best practice layout and sort/search functionality
  • Vehicle Details Page with large vehicle images and 1-click access to specs, features and similar inventory
  • A single website optimized for any device (mobile/ tablet/ desktop)
  • Model Landing Pages that are SEO-rich just in time to make the most of this summer’s vehicle launches and sell downs
  • Unlimited inventory exports
  • Survey builder for sales and service
  • HTML5 technology (iPad/iPhone friendly)
  • Do-it-yourself tools and unlimited access to online training courses for dealers who want to be in the driver’s seat

Learn how to use all the tools in the Performance Solution – read the quick guides or watch short, informative Rapid Skill Development videos in our Training section.

Want some ideas on how to improve your website?

Check out these example sites that show just how unique you can make your online storefront by showcasing your ‘Why Buy Here’ messaging.

Website Sample #1
Good balance between Dealer and OEM brand

Website Sample #2
Strong dealer branding and why buy here message

Website Sample #3
Strong dealer branding and profit center focus

Preview Toolbar

The Preview Toolbar is a new feature that allows you to see exactly what content a personalized experience delivers to your shoppers.

You can use this report to:

  • See how what conquesting content Personalized Recommendations will deliver
  • Easily understand which widgets provide a personalized experience for your consumer
  • Tweak your current personalized content for each make and model
Preview Toolbar

Engagement Map

Engagement Map provides a never-before-seen view of your dynamic website content performance. This isn’t heat mapping. These are real insights about the content, creative & page position that are working to engage & convert. You can even measure how your website is performing with each of your targeted audience segments.

Engagement Map Delivers:

  • How shoppers looking for specific vehicles interact with the site
  • Top selling vehicles to measure content effectiveness
  • How different shoppers react to content, images and messaging and
  • How placement of that content impacts shoppers in general

Audience Insights Dashboard

At a quick glance, the Audience Insights Dashboard shows which audience segments visit your site. You can use this report to focus your efforts on website optimization and content strategy and drive conversations and decisions about inventory management and advertising

Latest Enhancements:

  • Experience Metrics help you identify where to focus your website optimization. You can view the relative size of your website Audiences for each model, and the quantity of Personalized Experiences delivered to each Audience.
  • Cross-Shopping Behavior – View the top 5 cross-shopped models for each Audience on your site. Consider creating offers to promote one model over another within this Audience segment.
  • Audience Per Sale Metrics shows the number of Audience Visits needed for every estimated sale. The lower the number, the fewer visits it takes to complete a sale.
  • Days Supply Metrics look at your current inventory and your recent sales trends and calculates how many days it will take before existing inventory is exhausted.
audienceinsights dashboard

Reporting & Analytics

Science Sells Cars

With the largest automotive data warehouse in the industry, Cobalt has a deep understanding of the consumer and their car buying journey. With that understanding, we’re able to create a seamless experience that connects those consumers to your dealership. The depth of our data results in uniquely customizable benchmarking capabilities for you: we can offer unprecedented insight into broad buying behavior and industry trends, or perform very granular analysis to understand and solve unique business problems.

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What We Study

  • Every day we collect data from over 1.3 Million third party leads
  • Every week we track the website activity of over 5 Million visits to our sites
  • Every month we serve over 1 Billion ad impressions to local in-market shoppers
  • Every year we observe over 500 Million vehicle inventory searches

With over 80 data and computer scientists on staff, our intelligence results in street smart solutions for you: reporting products, predictive models, industry benchmarking, demographic segmentation studies, “last mile” shopper analysis, and research.

DMA Landing Pages

DMA landing pages provide shoppers an additional path to finding your dealership website online.

How it works.

If a shopper searches for a local dealership on Google, Yahoo or Bing, GM’s paid search marketing serves up a sponsored link that drives shoppers to a local DMA landing page. The landing page offers the make’s current model lineup, special offers according to zip code and a variety of options for locating a nearby dealership, with links to the dealer’s website.

Widget Library

The GM widget library is larger and constantly growing! See below for a select list of favorite widgets or view the Widget Reference Guide for a complete list.

Dealership Contacts Widget

Select the departments to display, whether to display the email addresses of employees, and how to sort your employees.

Facebook Widget

Select whether to show the Stream (Stream shows your latest posts on your page’s Facebook Wall or Timeline), show Fans (Fans are users that have liked your page on Facebook), and/or whether to use a light or dark color scheme.

Service & Parts Specials Rotator Widget

Easily promote parts or service specials. Images and information rotate at customizable time intervals. This widget is SEO friendly and HTML 5 compliant, making it viewable on mobile devices.

Video Widget

Add dealership videos from a YouTube channel to your site or add videos from the GM channel. Mix and match videos to create a playlist.

Customer Reviews Widget

Promote your dealership’s reputation by displaying the 10 most recent four and five star customer reviews on your homepage.

Want more ways to attract customers to your website and into your dealership? – Consider all the advertising options in the GM Digital Marketing Package.