Revolutionize YOUR Shoppers' Experience to Increase Your Sales With Payment Builder

Let customers shop the way they want to shop!

Consumers work their payment right on their phone or tablet and bring the deal to you to complete the sale. Build trust using your website with in-store AND phone shoppers so they choose your dealership for their purchase.

Chevrolet Payment Builder Overview

Buick GMC Demo

Measure Your ROI On the 74 Percent of Shoppers Who Will Never Submit a Lead.

Payment Builder will provide ready-to-purchase shoppers to your showroom!

A Payment Builder shopper may call before they visit to ensure their positive experience. Be sure these value calls are converted to showroom visits.

Payment Builder shoppers don't submit leads — they submit DEALS. They will convert at higher rates if your team treats them like deals and responds appropriately.

You Control the Gross and Profitability

Simple to configure all your payment calculations including:

  • Down payment percentage or dollar amount
  • GM Financial and additional lenders
  • Rates, credit tiers, money factors, trades, taxes, and fees

Watch Your Satisfaction Score and Positive Reviews Increase.

Happy customers will share their experience with friends and family in reviews and on social media.

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