Digital Marketing Package

What is included in the new GM Digital Marketing Package?

General Motors is providing dealers participating in the GM Digital Marketing Package with a new solution designed to drive more traffic, and more in-market, qualified consumers to your dealership. The new solution, called the Performance Solution, launches for all GM dealers on June 10th, 2013.

The Performance Solution includes:

  • Flexible Website Designs: New website platform where dealers will receive unprecedented flexibility and the ability to better align to consumers’ needs, while representing the dealership’s unique business. These powerful marketing-focused websites feature direct integration with General Motors and feature the right tools to market your dealership, vehicles, and services.
  • Dealer-branded Mastheads: Unlocked header on the dealer website, allowing for a custom logo or image to appear in the masthead along with custom text, tagline and dealership location.
  • Model Landing Pages: Landing pages featuring a specific model, available trims, and features live dealer inventory.
  • Flexible & Standard Widget Library: Widgets optimized for the flexible website designs that add new functionality or content to a page easily.
  • Custom backgrounds: Ability for a dealer to add a custom background to their website. It includes preset selections, as well as the choice for dealers to upload an image (e.g. image of their dealership). Available on select designs.
  • Personalized consumer experiences w/Smart Widgets: Flexible dealer websites now deliver a personalized shopping experience by displaying ‘Make/Model’ content relevant to the vehicle or service they are interested in, based on their shopping behavior. This creates a more effective and intuitive shopping experience for the consumer.
  • Enhanced SEO: The Performance Solution now includes additional pages on the dealer website that are optimized with key terms. In addition to homepage SEO, pre-selected pages that are included in your enhanced SEO solution are the model landing pages for additional emphasis on new car, CCA service and parts, and accessories.
  • Premium ProCare: ProCare is a GM-subsidized service that provides an Account Advocate, along with a Virtual Marketing team, who together proactively manage and fine-tune website content, optimize dealer websites for organic search, provide content support for numerous retail events and help coordinate offline and online marketing efforts. With the Performance Solution, ProCare provides additional levels of support – including new service levels:
    • Specials and ads will be turned around in 48 hours (previously 72 hours)
    • A quarterly strategic optimization calls with dealership leadership
    • GM and brand messages are supported through the ProCare teams including Advocate and content with two focus areas a month
  • Unlimited Landing Pages: Dealer customizable pages – a great way to showcase local promotions, community events or other dealer focus areas.
  • Unlimited Inventory Export Services: Ability to export inventory to third party sites, unlimited number of exports without additional costs.
  • Similar Vehicles: Shows vehicles in dealer’s inventory that are similar in price and body type to the customer’s search query.
  • Compare Vehicles: Allows a shopper to see a side by side comparison of a selected group of vehicles. The feature shows trim, vehicle details, price, vehicle image and other pertinent data for comparison.
  • Find it for Me Form: A lead form that a consumer completes to have a dealer locate a specific vehicle.
  • Service Survey Form: A survey page builder that is designed to gather feedback from consumers regarding their experience with the Service Department. This form can also be customized to gather feedback for specific departments or campaigns.
  • Website Survey Form: A survey page builder that is designed to gather feedback from consumers regarding their overall experience at the dealership or their time on the website. This form can also be customized to gather feedback for specific departments or campaigns.
  • Optimized Mobile & Tablet: The mobile sites are optimized for smart phone usage and includes ‘click to call’ for Sales and Service, live inventory, specials and directions to the dealership. The intuitive designs optimize a dealers’ website for the device a consumer is using – PC, mobile or tablet.
  • Inventory Search Results Layout Choices: The consumer has the option to select how information is displayed, list view, tile view, thumbnails etc. (Available late 2013)
  • Vehicle Details Pages Layout Choices: The consumer has the option to select how information is displayed, list view, tile view, thumbnails etc. (Available late 2013)

Continuing to be available:
There are many features in the Digital Marketing Package that dealers have benefitted from and these great tools will continue to be included:

  • Paid Search Marketing: General Motors is bidding on a select set of keywords that drive traffic to DMA landing pages or directly to your GM Dealer Website.
  • DMA Landing Pages: GM reinforces dealer advertising by driving traffic to local DMA landing pages. This strengthens consumer interest, improves conversion rates and provides an additional path to reaching your dealership online. DMA Landing Pages have current year model line-ups, a map, and a variety of ways to find and contact dealers.
  • Call Tracking: Dealers can listen to recorded calls to identify specific training needs based on real performance and determine which advertising sources are generating calls. Reports can be scheduled as daily, weekly or monthly reports.
  • Reporting: A dealer’s one-stop shop for website tools, analytics and inventory. Through Dealer Command Center, dealers’ get real insight into customers, vehicles and traffic, along with a powerful, easy-to-use website management platform.
  • Retargeting: Retargeting keeps the dealer’s brand present even after car-shoppers have left the website. The retargeting technology follows consumers across networks like (AOL) and others, including premium placement on sites like Kelly Blue Book ( and
  • Lead Delivery: The GM OneSource Lead Delivery “pipe” consolidates and delivers leads from a wide variety of sources into a selected certified lead management tool.
  • Integrated Incentives: Incentives from GM national offers and brand campaigns flowing real time and directly to the dealer sites.

What are the requirements to use the new Digital Marketing Package?

There are only two requirements to participate in the GM Digital Marketing Package:

  1. Every dealer must be a GM Certified Internet Dealer (CID). To learn more please contact the GM Certified Internet Dealer (CID) Support Center at 1.888.462.8976.
  2. Every dealer must participate in the GM iMR program.

Is there a cost associated with the new program?

The Performance Solution includes the latest digital tools like personalized consumer experiences, flexible website platform and enhanced SEO, GM subsidizes a large portion the cost and has made the Performance Solution 100% eligible for GM iMR Matching Funds through your Sales iMR account. As each dealership’s iMR Matching Funds amount differs, please contact your GM Zone Rep to confirm your specific price for the Performance Solution.

ProCare is a separate cost for dealers and is heavily subsidized by GM. ProCare is an EBE requirement. All dealers on the Performance Solution must have ProCare.

How will I get billed?

All dealers will be billed monthly by General Motors via their Sales statement.

For further information contact your Digital Solutions Manager or Zone Rep.

Flexible Website Designs

What are Flexible Website Designs?

Flexible Website Designs provide unmatched flexibility, control and results. Flexible Website Designs makes it easier than ever to differentiate your dealership, market all of your profit centers, and capture more consumers during their digital journey. It provides dynamically configurable designs, allowing you (or your ProCare Advocates) to quickly and easily drag and drop content. You have over 20 Flexible Website Design widgets, including a video widget that makes it simple to embed content from YouTube channels or Vimeo. Many of the widgets can also be resized, giving dealers unmatched flexibility with the layout of their website.

What are the benefits of Flexible Website Designs?

  • Flexible Website Designs offers true drag-and-drop functionality, allowing dealers to leverage a wide array of widgets to quickly and easily change their websites layout and functionality in real time.
  • Powerful and growing widget library makes it easy to add functionality and strong dealer branding.
  • Flexible Website Designs are built on HTML5 and are fully compatible with traditional computers and tablets.
  • Easily crop and resize images within the page – no need for using Photoshop or other complex third party image cropping and resizing tools.
  • Add new landing pages quickly and easily. SEO tool helps optimize the page for search engines.

What do dealers like most about Flexible Website Designs?

  • No cookie cutter layouts – you can position widgets anywhere (only the Hero image is required in the top left position).
  • Dealer-branded mastheads.
  • Ability to quickly and easily customize pages for their brand and messaging.
  • Gives dealers flexibility and saves time.
  • It’s fast to create a new landing page.
  • Lots of widgets to choose from and all are easy to use.
  • Crop, resize and re-center images within the widgets – no need to use a photo editing tool such as Photoshop.

How do consumer’s benefit from Flexible Website Designs?

The biggest benefit of Flexible Website Designs is that it is easier for dealers to build and customize their website to fit their brand. However consumers benefit too because Flexible Website Designs are built on the latest technology that allows shoppers to see the same website content, including animations and videos, when they visit a dealer’s website from a tablet or traditional computer (Flexible Websites are built on iPad-friendly HTML5 technology).

Where can I learn more about widgets?

Go to /training-support/cobalt-u/ for a complete list of online training videos and Quick Guides.

Who do I contact to learn more or setup a Flexible Website demo?

You can contact your ProCare Account Advocate at 1-877-333-3138 or your Digital Solutions Manager to begin the migration process. Or you can visit /flexibledesigns/ to see an example site and select your initial layout and colors. Your ProCare Advocate will follow up with you regarding next steps in building your site within 5 business days.

Can I use another inventory solution or frame-in other content?

Inventory framing is not allowed on GM endorsed dealer websites.


  • Framing-in inventory does not allow natural search engine optimization or dealer metrics showing customer intent. An enhanced Cobalt inventory module was made available in July 2008, negating any ‘grandfathered-in’ clause your dealership may have had.

Exceptions – GM allows dealers to frame-in the following:

  • Commercial inventory frame-in limited to GM vehicles. GM currently does not have an inventory solution for commercial vehicles. As a result, dealers are allowed to frame-in a commercial inventory solution that displays only GM vehicles. If contains, non-GM makes a dealer can add a small text link (which should create a pop-up).
  • Service Scheduling applications: The dealers are also allowed to frame in either the x-Time or Time Highway service scheduling applications. The dealers and GM understand that currently, the leads generated using one of these solutions do not go through the GM lead pipe and the lead data is not reported in the Cobalt data warehouse so metrics are not available.
  • Credit applications: For credit apps, those leads are sent to the Cobalt secure leads folder in Dealer Command Center.

Personalized Consumer Experiences

What are personalized consumer experiences?

Personalized consumer experiences makes your website smarter so that it shows the RIGHT message, with the RIGHT calls to action, at the RIGHT time, creating far happier and more satisfied customers. It does this by leveraging the industry’s largest data warehouse to dynamically change the content of your website to match the needs of each individual visitor.

Personalized consumer experiences is an advanced technology built on top of the Flexible Website Design platform that leverages data to make real-time decisions on what content to show a consumer – based on their individual behavior. Personalization has been around on the web, spearheaded by Amazon. For many, the key usability feature on Amazon is the product recommendations based on previous purchases and search history. The ability for your Performance Solution to deliver these custom shopper experiences is an automotive industry first!

What are the benefits of the ‘Make/ Model’ personalized consumer experience?

  • The consumer receives a more productive shopping experience that drives engagement and creates far happier customers
  • Show consumers the vehicle THEY are interested in
  • Show other cross-shopped vehicles
  • Your website is SMARTER
  • Model showroom carousel highlights the specific vehicle a consumer searched
  • Specials widget shows the latest offers for the searched vehicle
  • Inventory Search widget automatically shows number of vehicles in stock for the searched vehicle
  • Hero Rotator widget displays customizable image of searched vehicle
  • Show messaging relevant to the vehicle of interest
  • Personalized consumer experiences determine the best content in real time and automatically respond to each consumer

So how does the website know which vehicle a person is interested in?

With math and science! Cobalt’s data warehouse tags consumers’ web browser with a cookie when they visit Tier 2 or the dealer website so that we can analyze the consumers’ activities to determine which vehicles they are interested in. These activities include clicking on a display ad that leads to a landing page, doing a vehicle search or viewing a vehicle details’ page. The website learns and adjusts with each and every interaction the consumer makes to best determine which vehicle a consumer is interested in.

Which widgets on the website are now “Smart” and use this information?

The following widgets are the first to be enhanced with personalized consumer experiences:

  • Hero Rotator: Slides tagged with the vehicle the consumer is interested in will be displayed.
  • Model Showroom Carousel: The vehicle of interest will be the first vehicle displayed in the model showroom carousel along with other vehicles of the same class (Trucks, SUVs, etc.).
  • Specials: Will change the order of the specials displayed so that the vehicle a consumer is shopping for is shown first. If there are no specials then the specials widget can be configured to highlight inventory for the vehicle of interest.
  • Inventory Search: The vehicle of interest will be pre-selected in the Make and Model drop-downs.

Does a personalized consumer experience improve conversion?

Controlled A/B testing was done during a GM pilot program comparing the performance of dealer sites without personalized consumer experiences versus test sites with personalized consumer experiences. The personalized consumer experiences sites saw increases in several key performance indicators and an increased interaction with the widgets on the homepage. We will continue to refine experiences to improve ongoing results. While this technology is new in the automotive industry, personalization has led to an increase in sales for popular sites like, in addition to a more productive experience for the shopper.

How do I best take advantage of personalized consumer experiences?

Personalized consumer experiences enhance content for widgets that have been made smart. To take advantage of personalized consumer experiences a dealer needs to make certain they are using these smart widgets. Dealers who do not use the smart widgets will not see the advantages of personalized consumer experiences.

In order to take advantage of personalized consumer experiences, a dealer must first be on the Performance Solution


What is ProCare?

Your ProCare Account Advocate and team of digital marketing specialists will help you maximize your results by coordinating your offline and online advertising, proactively manage, fine-tune, and optimize your website and organic search efforts. Visit /procare/ to learn more.

If you cannot reach your Advocate and are in need of support, your dealership has access to our award-winning ProCare Support team. The support number for GM dealers is 1-877-333-3138.

How many times per year can I have my ProCare Advocate change my website design?

The Flexible Website Design platform is easy to use and provides powerful tools that allow dealers to update their site quickly. However, please discuss design changes with your ProCare Advocate first, as they are trained in website optimization and digital marketing best practices. Changing your design too often can lead to a confusing customer experience and can negatively affect your site’s conversion rates and SEO rankings.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

SEO is the process of making web pages/sites search engine friendly, resulting in improved search engine visibility and incremental traffic from in-market car buyers. SEO influences organic or natural site ranking, meaning that you are not paying a search engine for high placement; instead you are adjusting your website content to naturally place high.

Is my website optimized for search engines?

SEO is a combination of website architecture, design and content methods that make websites searchable by search engines. Your GM Flexible Website is up to date with recent search engine updates. Performance includes regular SEO updates from an SEO Specialist on pre-selected pages including; home page, model landing pages, CCA service pages and accessories.

How can my dealership get even better SEO results?

Search is a highly competitive environment and chances are your competitors may be making regular updates to their site to make their results even better. If you want to get even better organic search results, PowerSEO is your answer. With the largest search engine optimization (SEO) team in the industry working on your behalf, your website will benefit from a depth of expertise that delivers unsurpassed organic performance. Please speak to your Digital Solutions Manager for more information.

EBE (Essential Brand Elements)

What is EBE?

EBE, or Essential Brand Elements, pays dealers for having the right channel, image, location, customer communication, digital interface and training. In order to be eligible for payment, dealers need to meet requirements in four key areas including Facility, Digital, Training and CSSR.

What do I need to be EBE compliant?

To be EBE compliant a dealer must:

  • Be Certified Internet Dealer (CID)-compliant. To maintain active CID status, dealers must maintain a dedicated Internet Manager who carries a CIM profile in GM Training and has successfully completed the required certification training. To learn more please contact the GM Certified Internet Dealer (CID) Support Center at 1.888.462.8976.
  • Meet the requirements for all 4 key areas (Facility, Digital, Training & CSSR). To learn more about each key area and their individual requirements please contact EBE Support:

Phone: 877-401-6938


EBE Website:

Do the Certified Internet Dealer training requirements change with EBE?

No. To maintain active CID status, dealers must maintain a dedicated Internet Manager who carries a CIM profile in GM Training and has successfully completed the required certification training.

To learn more please contact the GM Certified Internet Dealer (CID) Support Center at 1.888.462.8976.

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