OCTOBER 24, 2012

Don’t Lose the Sale – Stay Present Throughout the Entire Modern Car-Shopper Journey

Type: Webinars


This webinar will reveal a view of the modern shoppers’ online journey to purchase, based upon analysis of over 10 billion digital advertising interactions across a broad spectrum of web properties and media. It is a fundamental paradigm shift from standard web analytics available to dealers – it is a “movie” of the shoppers’ multiple month journey, not a snapshot of aggregated statistics.

Watch this webinar to gain insights into how you can influence the consumer at the different stages of their journey to optimize the consumer’s experience and their conversion to a purchase in your dealership.

You’ll learn about:

  • How real car shoppers behave online, and what it means for your dealership
  • How to implement a multi-channel advertising mix so that you’re keeping consumers on the hook throughout their shopping process
  • How to advertise to unique behavioral segments in a targeted way