MAY 1, 2014

4 Sure-Fire Ways to Annoy Shoppers & Sabotage Your Inventory

Type: Webinars

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Are you unknowingly alienating shoppers and sabotaging your inventory? Don’t miss this exclusive chance to find out what it takes to design an inventory shopping experience that sells cars.

Watch to learn:

  • The surprising findings from the 2014 Inventory Shopping Experience Study (We studied real in-market shoppers— what we found will change the way you merchandise your cars!)
  • Common practices that result in a decrease in clickthroughs on your vehicle details pages (VDPs) & vehicle search results pages (VSRs) AND the steps to take to avoid them.
  • An insider perspective from Cobalt’s Principal Product Manager Ben Herd. Ben is the former Sr. Product Manager of the World-wide Retail Buying Experience at and is currently leading Cobalt’s VDP & VSR redesign project currently in beta.

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